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com.oscleton.sdk.browser / Browser


class Browser

Browser contains the methods to browse the Live library.

Since 1.0


Name Summary
getBrowserItems fun getBrowserItems(uri:String, afterUri:String, pageSize:Int= 20):List<BrowserItem>
Return a chunk list of children BrowserItem elements for a specific BrowserItem. The afterUri parameter is used to load the next chunk of BrowserItem elements. For an initial loading, pass an empty String to afterUri. The pageSize parameter lets you control how many BrowserItem elements you want to return on a single call.
loadBrowserItem fun loadBrowserItem(uri:String):Unit
Load a BrowserItem in Live.
previewBrowserItem fun previewBrowserItem(uri:String):Unit
Preview a BrowserItem in Live.
stopPreview fun stopPreview():Unit
Stop the current BrowserItem preview in Live.

Extension Properties

Name Summary
boolean valAny.boolean:Boolean
Extension property to cast an Any to Boolean.
float valAny.float:Float
Extension property to cast an Any to Float.
Extension property to cast an Any to Int.
string valAny.string:String
Extension property to cast an Any to String.