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com.oscleton.sdk.models / ReturnParameter


data class ReturnParameter

Data class representing a Live return parameter.


Name Summary
<init> ReturnParameter(trackIndex:Int, trackName:String= "", paramIndex:Int, value:Float= 0f, displayValue:String= "", min:Float= 0f, max:Float= 1f)


Name Summary
displayValue var displayValue:String
The return parameter display value
max var max:Float
The return parameter max value
min var min:Float
The return parameter min value
paramIndex var paramIndex:Int
The return parameter index used internally
paramName val paramName:String
The return parameter name
trackIndex var trackIndex:Int
The return position in the Live set
trackName var trackName:String
The return name
value var value:Float
The return parameter value

Extension Properties

Name Summary
boolean valAny.boolean:Boolean
Extension property to cast an Any to Boolean.
float valAny.float:Float
Extension property to cast an Any to Float.
Extension property to cast an Any to Int.
string valAny.string:String
Extension property to cast an Any to String.