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Browser allows you to list, preview and load items like sounds, samples, clips, instruments presets, effects and more from your Live library into your Live set.


Because getting all the browser items in a category can return a very long list, the method getBrowserItems() only lets you get a chunk of this list. This method is designed to work with the Paging Library so it can automatically request the next chunk of browser items when the user is scrolling a RecylerView configured with a PagedListAdapter populated with an ItemKeyedDataSource.

NB: As required by ItemKeyedDataSource's loadInitial() and loadInitial() methods, getBrowserItems() is synchronous and blocking.

The getBrowserItems() method needs 3 parameters:

  • The uri parameter is the parent browser item uri for which you want to get its children browser items.
  • The afterUri parameter is the uri of the last browser item in the current chunk. For an initial loading, just pass an empty String to it.
  • The pageSize parameter is the maximum number of browser items per chunk.

As an example, the following snippet lets you get the first chunk of the Drums category:

val browserItems = OscletonSDK.instance.browser.getBrowserItems(
    uri = uri,
    afterUri = "",
    pageSize = 40)
Browser browser = OscletonSDK.getInstance().getBrowser();
List<BrowserItem> browserItems = browser.getBrowserItems(uri,"", 40);


To start the preview of a BrowserItem, simply call previewBrowserItem(uri) with its uri as follow:

Browser browser = OscletonSDK.getInstance().getBrowser();

To stop the current preview, simply call stopPreview() as follow:

Browser browser = OscletonSDK.getInstance().getBrowser();


To load a BrowserItem into your Live set, simply call loadBrowserItem(uri) with its uri as follow:

Browser browser = OscletonSDK.getInstance().getBrowser();